Book Talk Tuesday: Arsenic with Austen

Arsenic with Austen is the first in a new series, Crime with the Classics from author Katherine Bolger Hyde and Minotaur Books.

I’m a sucker for a good mystery. Add a small town, some books, tea, and cats, and I’m all in.
Arsenic-with-Austen-bookArsenic with Austen did not disappoint!

A traditional “fair play” mystery with clues and red herrings, it kept me guessing until the end, just the way I like it.

Emily has inherited an old mansion from her aunt and decides to live there and turn it into a writers’ retreat. Along the way though, she begins to suspect her aunt did not die naturally. Add in Emily’s teenage love, Luke, and then a second chance at romance arrives. The fact that Luke is a law enforcement professional just adds to the complications.

I loved this one and hope Hyde is able to keep this series going all the way to Zapped with Zola!