Wednesday: Lessons in Patience (For Everyone)

Wednesday morning was time for Stud Muffin and I to earn this trip. We had to go to the 90 minute timeshare presentation. We knew we weren’t buying so it was just a matter of wasting an hour and a half with two squirrelly girls. 

We bestowed our electronics on the girls, threatened them with no swimming, and crossed our fingers. They did great for the first hour. But it worked out. Just as the electronics lost their appeal, it was time to ride in a golf cart to look at a sample unit. After that, just ten minutes of repeating, “I understand it’s a great deal. I know the same deal won’t be available later. We still say no,” and we were free again. 

We headed back to Genoa and toured the Mormon Station Museum/replica fort. Drama Princess loved the pelts on display. She was less enthusiastic about the other displays and definitely disapproved of any picture taking. 

After finding a Walgreens to replace the missing goggles, we visited  Farmers Market for more fruit. Then lunch at the hotel, more swimming, pizza for dinner, a movie on my laptop (Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan), more swimming, and finally bed. Drama Princess fell asleep during the movie and couldn’t/wouldn’t wake up for swimming. We expected her to be wide awake at 11 PM, but she slept over 12 hours straight. And woke up talking.