Book Talk Tuesday: Revisiting Favorites

I used to reread books all the time. I’ve read all the Agatha Christie books multiple times. Same with Dick Francis. Nancy Drew. Trixie Belden. Donna Parker. I grew up returning to my favorites like they were meatloaf and mashed potatoes. They were my comfort reads.

download (5)As I got older and found other authors I enjoyed, I reread fewer and less often. Now, I rarely reread books. I don’t have the time any more. I read books for reviews. I read books to judge for contests. Sometimes I go months without reading for purely my own enjoyment.

But before and after our Ireland and UK trip last year, I did revisit some books set in the places we’d be seeing, or had seen,  in person.

I reread a few Dick Francis books, and even read one or two of his newer titles, written with his son. They were great and reminded me why I’d been a fan for nearly forty years.

I revisited Alexander McCall Smith’s Sunday Philosophy Club series, that is set in Edinburgh and with slices of other Scottish towns.

I’ve now pulled out Liz Curtis Higgs’ MY HEART IS IN THE LOWLANDS. I read this several download (6)years ago and didn’t reread it before our trip, because I knew we were headed more to the Highlands. But I opened it up this morning because I was longing for a glimpse of the Scottish countryside.

I’m now actively trying to figure out when we can return to Scotland and visit the Lowlands this time, following in Liz’s steps.

Do you ever reread favorites? Which ones? Recent favorites or older ones? Am I the only one who thinks of them as comfort reads?

2 thoughts on “Book Talk Tuesday: Revisiting Favorites

  1. You are not the only one. Going back to a favorite book, even a new title in a favorite series, is like sitting down with an old friend. They know you, you know them, there’s no stress. You can simply relax and enjoy the conversation.
    A new read that takes us to a new time, place, introduces us to lots of new people and personalities is almost always fun and interesting, but I think the real escape to be found in books is going back to an old favorite where the words just flow over us and reassure us that all is right with the world. At least between the covers of a book.

    1. Absolutely! And I’m looking forward to some familiar friends. I’m in the middle of Speaking From Among the Bones right now. Flavia can be depended on to be Flavia. LOL

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