The Adventure: Day 2

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Although technically Day #2 of the Excellent Adventure, Tuesday was our first full day in Indianapolis. It was warm, humid (and I was oh, so glad I abandoned the blow dryer, mousse, flat iron, etc. routine and embraced the frizzy curls). The day got warmer and damper. It rained, sprinkled, and steamed.

Our “trainers,” Joe and Frank, drove the trailer out from Maryland yesterday while we flew from Fresno. But they ran into a truck fire in Ohio and were delayed by several hours and we ended up arriving in Indianapolis before them. So we took a shuttle to the hotel and were in bed Monday night before they arrived.

We met up with them for breakfast, got acquainted, and then went out to the trailer. They showed us how they set up the trailer while I videoed everything. Then each of them gave us a sample “tour.”

We went over all the elements of the trailer, the tour, the pickup truck, the scheduling possibilities. We went shopping for a drill and a gas can. The guys went through the process for unhooking and hooking up the trailer while I again took video.

Then we went to lunch at the place every Californian visits for their first meal out of state: Cracker Barrel.

After lunch, a quick stop at Target, then back to the hotel. Dave and I had planned to watch the videos of the tours, make notes on index cards and review so we’d be ready to give tours ourselves. Someone had the bright idea that someone else should listen to the videos, transcribe them, take them to the business center downstairs, print them out, then the other someone would read them and make his own index cards. So the first someone (that would be me) got to work.

I listened, watched, transcribed, paused, typed, rewound, typed again, for several hours, and I still have quite a bit to go. But I do know how to give a tour of the trailer. I hope to finish transcribing first thing tomorrow so someone else is also ready soon. Joe and Frank leave tomorrow and we’ll be on our own.

We took a break for dinner. Even though we have Olive Garden in Fresno, this was a huge Olive Garden. Much bigger than any OG I’ve been in. And it was very good.

There is still some uncertainty about when we actually start at the Colts Training Camp. There may another event first.

And my phone is recharging after all the video taking and playing so I don’t have pictures to share of the day yet. But soon. I hope.

8 thoughts on “The Adventure: Day 2

  1. Carrie, you just have too many amazing skills so you will get the job. Lots of work. Cracker Barrel—definitely a laborers type of meal from the ole homestead. Enjoy the biscuits and honey.

  2. Yes Carrie, embrace the freedom of uncomplicated hair! It is quite liberating!!! Your days sound very full but I am sure you will reach a routine in time. I too love Cracker Barrel! Even if I’m not hungry I love visiting the store portion. (What’s wrong with Cheryl??? LOL) I guess we really can’t call her a Californian anymore! Continue your updates, I am loving them!

  3. Glad you got your transcribing turn out of the way so someone number 2 can get the next transcribing job. 🥰

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