The Adventure: Day 9

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I didn’t get this one written yesterday. For a quiet day to catch up, it got away from me.

We slept about 11 hours after the long day on Monday. After breakfast at the hotel, we each got to work. Me on the laptop in the hotel room and Dave did laundry and made some purchases for the trailer and truck. Like a bigger tarp to cover up things with when it rains again. 

The gals who keep the breakfast hot and fresh at the hotel had seen the trailer on Facebook and asked if that was us. It was! It is! Later, when Dave pulled the damp boxes out of the trailer to dry out in the sun, he gave some of the hotel employees a tour, which they appreciated very much.

I found all the links to the various news stories from Monday and posted those on Facebook and sent them to our bosses in Maryland. The story in the Indianapolis Star got picked up by USA Today, so that was pretty cool. In fact, I think it’s the first time I got a Google alert for my name! That was very cool, to click through and see it go to USA Today. I have Google alerts set for my name and the names of my books, Short, Sweet & Sassy and Brooke Runs Away. I get an alert about once a week, but it’s almost always for a “Short and Sassy Hair Style!” or “Sweet and Flirty Skirts on Sale!”

IMG_2373By 4:00 we were done and we settled on the back patio to read and Dave had a cigar. We talked on the phone with friends and family for a bit. Dave saw a red bird that he was pretty sure was a cardinal, so he asked Siri what a cardinal sounds like. She obliged with bird calls from his phone and soon the birds in the trees around us were answering back. And we were rewarded with a cardinal flying overhead and settling on the rooftop above us and in the tree.


We had a dinner of leftovers, took a quick swim in the hotel pool, and were in bed at a decent time. Today is another planned day to continue to catch up on work and small tasks.

Tomorrow we have an event at a farmer’s market. We had an event scheduled for today, but there were concerns about the venue. So we’re going to park the trailer at tomorrow’s venue early, then go check out the other place and if the trailer will fit, we’ll go there next Wednesday.

We’re learning to be flexible, because our schedule seems to change daily.

2 thoughts on “The Adventure: Day 9

  1. We saw our first cardinals in N.C. in April! They are surprisingly pretty and we love to spot them. I’m definitely going to try that Google hack to call them in the park. Around our house the Cicadas seem to be scaring the birds away but Fall is coming!

    1. The cicadas are crazy loud here! At first I thought it was some sort of electronic sound to scare off predator birds or something, because it seemed to come in a rhythmic wave. So many new and different experiences!

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