The Adventure: Day 16

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Happy Birthday, Amber!

We got up early in Minneapolis, and made it to the airport and through security with just about fifteen minutes to spare before our first flight. Our layover in Salt Lake City was just enough time to run from Terminal C to Terminal E and catch our flight to Fresno.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough time for Dave’s suitcase to make the flight. Mine did. We hope his caught the afternoon flight and will be here this evening sometime.

We will spend the next few days catching up on work and house and yard chores and laundry. We’ll see family and friends and celebrate a birthday or two.

We’ll leave again Sunday for a few days in San Francisco with friends. The Great Adventure blog will resume when we fly from San Francisco to Des Moines on Thursday, August 8th. First stop: The Iowa State Fair! Fair fare!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting and being encouraging!

2 thoughts on “The Adventure: Day 16

  1. Greetings Dave and Carrie!

    I’m just back from vacation and getting caught up on lots of things including your blog! Sounds like a challenging adventure…in a very good way! Just think how prepared you will be for the next adventure God calls you to! I see you are back in the state; were home here for a few days and are now off to SF and then back on the road. Pretty busy life you have!!! We’ll keep up with your blog and are praying for travel mercies and a wonderful and productive trip! Praying you get to share your faith in Jesus…planting seeds of faith; nurturing seeds of faith already planted and/or reaping the harvest. I know you are up for whatever God has planned for you and He will bless you for you faithful obedience.

    Blessings bro and sis!!!
    Don Harris

    1. Thank you, Don! We’re just back from SF and catching a flight to Des Moines in a few hours! It’s been a whirlwind, but we’re excited to what God has for us next.

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