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Thursday, August 22 — Monday August, 26, 2019

I left off after we picked up Jeff and Katia at the airport in Denver. They’re from El Paso, Texas, and will be taking this trailer west to Nevada, New Mexico and California. We spent Thursday afternoon getting acquainted and showing them the trailer.

On our way back from the airport, I noticed one of my favorite California restaurants, the Lazy Dog, so I knew where we’d be having dinner! Then on the way to Lazy Dog, I saw a sign for HuHot, a Mongolian Grill place IMG_2779I’d visited two years ago in Fargo, North Dakota when I’d been at a pesticide conference. I knew Dave would love it, so problem solved about where to have dinner tomorrow night!

Friday morning we began training Jeff and Katia. We unloaded the boxes of RALI supplies, the popup shelters, the generator, etc. We set up the trailer from its travel mode. Jeff and Katia had watched the videos I took in Indianapolis of Joe and Frank training us, and read the transcripts I’d done, so they basically knew the info. I gave them my tour. Dave gave them his tour. Then the guys did some shopping and worked on truck and trailer maintenance while I went back to the hotel to work.

As I predicted, HuHot was a hit for dinner. Saturday involved more training, but this was about driving the truck and trailer. First, Dave drove all of us to downtown Denver to

check out the venue where the trailer was scheduled to be Monday and Tuesday on the grounds of the Capitol. Downtown venues are always tricky, with narrow, one-way streets. We had directions about where to place the trailer and we wanted to be sure it was possible. We found the location, discussed how to make it happen, and we were satisfied. It would take some maneuvering and stopping traffic for a few minutes, but it was doable.

Back at the hotel, the guys dropped off Katia and me, hooked up the trailer and drove to a truck wash to get both the truck and trailer washed and all pretty for the trailer’s Denver debut on Sunday. It was also Jeff’s first trailer driving lesson. I had work to do. IMG_2785 Part of my work involved repairing a part of the trailer decor which kept losing its horns during transport and finally one broke.  That night we walked across the street to a BBQ place, Jim ‘n’ Nick’s, that was amazing! The cheese corn muffins are to die for! We shared riblets, a salad, and blackeyed peas.

Sunday we had an event in Greenwood Village. This was Jeff and Katia’s first event, so they got to ease into giving tours. They did great! We were also treated to a visit from our cousin, Trena, who moved to Denver a few years ago. Catching up with her was wonderful! It was a warm day and everyone kept apologizing for the weather, but honestly, after what we’d had in Iowa, it wasn’t that bad.

The event itself didn’t have a great turnout, but it was sponsored by state representative, Meg Froelich.  As usual, everyone who came through was surprised by what they learned. I did one media interviewAnd HuHot was such a hit Friday evening, we went back again Sunday for dinner. 

Monday morning Dave and I rode in the back seat and Jeff and Katia drove us to the Capitol. We did stop traffic, but we got the trailer in position relatively quickly. After a IMG_2809smooth set up, but a not-so-smooth unhitching of truck from trailer (which involved a broken jack), I gave one tour to some RALI people. We took some pictures, said goodbye, then headed to the airport via a free downtown shuttle and Denver’s light rail.

We’re now at the gate, waiting to board our flight to San Francisco, then to Fresno. I’ve written this post in three stages today. At the hotel this morning, on the train, at the airport.

Make that four five stages. I had to board the plane. I finished writing on the plane, and in San Francisco, I will insert the pictures and (I hope) post.

We’ll be home for about a week, visiting family and going to see the Fresno State vs. USC football game this weekend. Then we fly to Vancouver for our long awaited Alaska cruise. We’re not quite sure when and where we’ll rejoin the trailer. We thought it would be DC on Sept. 17, but we were just told today plans and schedules have changed, so … once again, we’re being flexible. Stay tuned …