Media Monday: Midsomer Murders

I had no idea when we started watching this British murder mystery series that it would take us over a year to watch them all. But we persisted and last week we finished all twenty-one seasons! Yes, you read that right. Twenty-one seasons! Now British seasons are shorter than US. Most seasons had only six episodes. Some had only four. But the episodes are all 90 minutes, so essentially movie length. Definitely a time commitment.

MMThey take place in the fictional British county of Midsomer and follow DCI Barnaby and his younger assistant. The younger assistant changed every few seasons. And even DCI Barnaby changed in Season 14. The original Barnaby retired and his younger cousin moved to Causton CID and became Detective Chief Inspector.

The coroner changed about the same time. First was a very professional man, then a young woman to provide some romantic interest for the young assistant, then a few subs, then a saucy, middle-aged woman who stood up to John Barnaby.

The mysteries ranged from quite dark to much lighter in tone. Some of them were very easy to pick out the guilty party and some were very difficult.

The series began in 1998, so the twenty year old episodes appear a bit dated. The more current shows represent England’s culture better.

Altogether, we enjoyed them very much. We watched them on Acorn TV, through my Amazon Prime subscription.

Just be warned, if you start watching, you’re making a commitment. A big commitment!

5 thoughts on “Media Monday: Midsomer Murders

  1. Wonderful to read! I have it on my list to start so appreciated the review. Also, the warning that characters change, that is always a challenge for me, so now I know it is coming!

  2. There were a few dark seasons, I want to say about 7 or 8, where there just seemed to be body after body. I thought they must be trying out a new writer – yuck! I was very happy when it got back to the usual focus on mystery/detection instead of death. All in all a really great series! Glad you guys enjoyed it, too.

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