Media Monday: Hallmark owns Christmas

There is something wrong when Christmas movies start airing before Thanksgiving.

This is the first year I’ve started watching them before the beginning of Advent.

I’ve only seen two so far, but they were both pretty good.

Nine Lives Of Christmas
Nine Lives of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas was very sweet and charming with an adorable heroine and a Superhero hero. Really. The part was played by Brandon Routh, who starred in Superman Returns in 2006. After I stopped thinking of him as Clark Kent, I enjoyed it.

Routh’s character is a single fireman who flips houses in his spare time and is not looking for anything permanent.

Kimberly Sustad plays Merilee White, a veterinary student and part-time employee at the local pet emporium.

They have a cat, which gives the movie its name.

If I had to categorize this one, I’d say it was Friends to Happily Ever After.

Also on the Hallmark channel is Let It Snow. Candace Cameron Bure works for her father’s resort company. She flies from Arizona to Maine to evaluate their latest acquisition: a winter resort and ski

Let It Snow
Let It Snow


She arrives uptight and business-like and ends up loving Christmas and falling in love with the son of the owners of the ski lodge. She gets sucked into their Christmas traditions and doesn’t want her father to raze the resort to rebuild something that caters to singles in their twenties and thirties.

This one was cute and enjoyable too. The weak spot was the hero. He just wasn’t a very good actor and his unease in the role showed.

Let It Snow would fall into the Enemies, to Friends, to Happy Ever After category. It’s 2013’s Candace Cameron Bure Christmas movie. There will be another on in just a few more days for 2014.

Both Nine Lives and Let It Snow are good for passing a couple of hours with a cup of something warm while it’s cold and rainy / snowy outside.