Book Talk Tuesday: Dangerous to Love

I don’t often read books that can be labeled “Hot,” or “Steamy,” but Elsa is a friend so I dove right in.


From the Amazon description:

Emma Spencer had anything but a normal childhood. It encompassed foster parents, biological parents and several years at a convent boarding school. Now her foster parents have been murdered and she may be next. When she falls in love, searching for answers becomes more devastating than she ever imagined.
Buck Hill had a crush on Emma at seven years old and when they are reunited he realizes she is the one he has been waiting for. As the two lovers search for the reason Emma is in danger, Buck finds he is a piece of the puzzle.


I enjoyed the chemistry between Emma and Buck and the mystery/suspense is good. At first, I had a bit of a problem sorting out how Emma fit into the story and with the foster parents, but Elsa did a good job bringing it all together.