Book Talk Tuesday on a Thursday

The last two to round out my Top Ten.

I thought long and hard about this.

These last two are by friends. And I can hardly bear to only put two friends on the list, so I may have to add a few more. I have so many amazing writer friends that I’m very afraid to start down the road of naming my faves, because I just know I’ll accidentally leave off someone.

But … here goes.


FADING STARLIGHT by Kathryn Cushman. Katie’s been a best writing friend for a long time. And I couldn’t love this book more even if she was a complete stranger. The story is delicate and nuanced and perfectly presents both sides of a sticky moral issue. And the clothes sound fabulous! I¬†love that dress and the window on the cover. Gorgeous!


A HERO TO HOLD by Sheri Humphreys is a great book. There’s just no getting around it, herofriend or not. I mean, I’ve always known HERO is special, but it was named one of Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016. So I may be biased, but someone else who doesn’t know Sheri personally also loved it.

The hero is in a wheelchair, injured in the Crimean War. The heroine is a widow, pretty much shunned by society. Their chemistry ignites on the page and I guarantee that the reader forgets he’s not completely able-bodied.

Whew! That was harder than I thought.

And I had to leave off some really stellar books by friends and strangers. I also either read and enjoyed¬†these books or I’m looking forward to reading them soon (disclaimer: I’m sure I left off someone whose book I loved or will love. Please know it was inadvertent):



I actually clapped when I received this book. And I sighed as I finished it. I absolutely loved it.
My criteria for a five star review is:

  • was there a point of tension in the book that made me full of trepidation about turning the page?
  • and does the story continue to echo in my head and heart after I’m done.

Fading Starlight hit both of those on the head!

FSLauren is an aspiring fashion designer whose big break is ruined by a “wardrobe malfunction.” She retreats to a job out of the LA area and out of the spotlight, to let the media forget and move on to the next scandal.

Lauren ends up living near Charlotte Montgomery, an elderly and former Hollywood ingenue who is now a recluse.

Charlotte is not just reclusive, she’s downright mean.

Lauren is offered a chance to redeem her career. But at what cost?

I love Katie Cushman’s writing and plotting. This book is about two women, their choices, and the consequences.

I highly recommend it!

I received a free copy from Bethany House in return for an honest review. I honestly loved it!