Book Talk Tuesday: For the Love

My last Book Talk Tuesday post I mentioned that I was in the middle of Jen Hatmaker’s latest, For the Love.

I’ve finished it and it’s on my desk waiting to be delivered to a friend who wants to read it.

FTLIt’s great. It’s full of Jen’s trademark humor and transparency. She’s all about urging us (women, in particular) to give ourselves (and each other) some grace. Your kids may say, “Give me a break.” Your husband may ask for a free pass for forgetting to pick up something on the way home. But they all mean the same thing: Give me some grace. Don’t make me meet some unrealistic standard set by our post-modern culture.

The chapters alternate randomly between pure hilarity and serious lessons, and even a few recipes that I’m dying to try.

In some ways, I equate For the Grace with Anne Lamott’s essays urging us to let go of the things in our head that tell us how we should be and just go fetch water for someone thirsty.

Because if you’re too worried about what someone will think of your thighs or your lipstick color, you need some grace. And if you’re looking at someone else’s underarm fat or hem length, you really need some grace.

For the Love would be a great place to find some everyday grace. I highly recommend it.


I did not receive a free copy of this book. I purchased it with my own money and I still gave it an honest review. 😉