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  Protective Instinct

I’m pleased today to shine the spotlight on Lynette Endicott. Her newest release, Protective Instinct, co-written with Tami Dee, is now available. Be sure and read to the bottom to enter a giveaway Lynette and Tami are sponsoring.


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Lynette Endicott grew up in Illinois, met her husband in Western Nebraska, lived 25 years in Kansas where their daughter was born, and has been in Fresno, California since 2000. She has a son-in-law (who lives with her daughter nearby), and has rescued a dog, a bird and three cats. She and Ollie, her terrier mix, volunteer as a team at the local library, where children read to the dog.

At a youth camp when she was 14 the editor and teacher of a writing class challenged her to submit something to his youth magazine. She did and it was the first of 10 articles and stories accepted by the publication over the next few years.

Nothing like front end success to keep her writing! Lynette enjoys reading contemporary romance and speculative fiction and writes both. Her debut book, Starting Over Book One: More Than A Job, and two more books in that series, The Return of Joy and Finding Her Voice are available now. The first three of the Time After Time Saga with Tami Dee are available now, including Animal Instinct, Survival Instinct and Pioneer Instinct. The fourth in the series of six, Protective Instinct, will release in August 2014.

Because she didn’t have pets until after her 50th birthday the animals she enjoys find their way into all her books. Usually you will also find a character with a disability as part of the day-to-day fabric of the story. In More Than A Job, Paige works in services to people with disabilities until she loses her job and starts over. In The Return of Joy, Atlas, the yellow lab, becomes a Therapy Dog. In the Time After Time series animal helpers assist the hero and heroine in all six of the books in the series.

Lynette loves hearing from her fans! Please connect with her on:

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Tell us about your newest release: ProtectiveInstinctCoverArt72dpi__94617.1402191584.1280.1280

Protective Instinct is the fourth book in the Time After Time Saga with Tami Dee. An enemy is thrown through time — not in chronological order — to find the women of the Heartmark and prevent them from finding love. Young Sabrina, this book’s heroine, treasures her heart-shaped birthmark and the heritage it represents. She is watching and waiting eagerly for the man who will rescue her, to give him an ancient artifact that will seal their love. This is very confusing to soldier and spy Nick, whose job is to determine if Sabrina is their enemy, learn what she knows and then dispose of her.

What are your hobbies?
My dog Ollie and I volunteer at the local library as a team. The children read out loud to him. I also collect castles and grow flowers.

Best book you’ve read so far this year?

Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I was fascinated to see how her creativity blossomed in a time when much of the world around her attempted to limit it.

Your favorite motivational or inspiring quote?

This is how you do it: You sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it’s done. It’s that simple and that hard. — Neil Gaiman I have a board on Pinterest where this and other quotes I like are posted.

What’s a typical writing day look like for you?

Typical day? There is no such thing. I have a hectic day job consulting across six time zones, so am on the phone, computer or traveling a great deal. My WIP is on my tablet, and I take it out whenever I can. Typically I write like mad for a week or so, until a rough draft is finished, then go back and edit, layer in descriptions, and make some of the descriptive passages dialog.
I tend to write better in the evenings while the family is busy with TV — if I happen to be home. When I am traveling typically I have my evening free to write and that is a wonderful luxury.

Plotter or Pantser?

I go back and forth. First I jot down a very rough idea of the book. I identify specifics about the main characters, decide what they look like, decide where the book is set. Then I sit down and write. I refer to my notes for the details that I need to remember so I don’t change the hero’s eye color, and I definitely write by the seat of my pants. When I keep writing, even when I don’t know the details, the rest of the story unfolds out of another place, not a plan but something more organic that the characters tell me as I go.

Thanks for stopping by, Lynette!

Thanks for having me, Carrie!

Lynette’s books include:

Starting Over Series

Book #1 – More Than A Job

Paige Hamilton is forced to seek a new life when her consuming, 24/7 job ends at the hands of a new company owner. But Paige is a survivor, and begins to build a new life, one that may even have room for romance. A handsome stranger helps her through the transition, and soon she falls fast and hard for Joshua Robinson.

Then she discovers he is the cruel owner, and that the company she loved — the company that cared so much about the adults with disabilities who lived in their homes — is in a downward spiral that puts the life of one of her friends at risk.

Romance, job loss, life coaching, hidden family treasures, and a secret about an uncle she’d never met — Paige learns that life is More Than A Job.

Book #2 – Return of Joy

When Joy Huffman’s recurring dreams of the husband she lost become urgent she is convinced to go tot he cabin, their project of love, in New Mexico. With her daughter and mother-in-law, they set out to learn what Steve wants them to know — that his death was no accident, but murder.

Their investigation stirs up the evil that ended his life, and puts them all at risk. The caretaker at the cabin, Mark Stone, is challenged to keep them safe while he unravels the mystery of why Steve died. Along the way he falls in love with Joy — but will she be open to loving again?

Book #3 – Finding Her Voice

Jennifer has the perfect life — a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a flexible job in the family business. When a heart-stopping accident takes it all from her, Jen struggles to survive her days alone. No one else understands, expecting her to “get over” her grief.

Ollie, her daughter’s rescued dog, is the only one who shares her grief and lives her pain. When divorce ends in the sale of their home, she and Ollie set out on a road trip of healing and discovery.

Life will never be the same, but maybe along the way she can find the music, find her voice, find her own path to living after her loss. And if she is lucky, find love.

Book #4 – Out of Agony

Brian Van Pelt has barely survived an anguished year of loss, hiding his sorrows under the facade of a cool and uncaring attorney. Not able to deny his grief any long, heartache drives him to collapse and his life takes an unexpected turn.

When Jessie Ingram comes to work at his law firm, she is intrigued by the conflicting darkness of Brian’s behavior and the tender inconsistencies that hint at something deeper within him.

Despite her interest, she has her own pain, supporting her niece Sara, who has a virulent cancer with aggressive treatments that take such a toll they would not be worth it — except they are Sara’s only hope of survival.

Will life’s hardships bring Brian and Jessie together? Will they be able to heal and possibly find love?

Time After Time Saga written with Author Tami Dee

Book #1 – Animal Instinct

On Detective Sean Barnett’s first day at work his police dog’s reaction to a bee sting requires an emergency visit to the town vet. Dr. Al’s swift, efficient response averts immediate danger, but when Sean asks Allison to dinner, he opens the door for a terrifying danger — an ancient, time-traveling enemy who will stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Dr. Allison Green’s heart-pounding attraction to King’s handsome owner, Sean, sends her to her family’s reference on love, the diary passed down from her great-grandmother that goes back centuries. She delves into references to animal helpers, ancient artifacts and the ruthless woman whose goal is to destroy love for the woman of the Heartmark.

When she is overwhelmed with ancestral memories, Allison realizes the extent of the danger posed by their enemy, and the deranged terror that threatens her chance at love.

Book #2 – Survival Instinct

Tough as nails San Francisco homicide detective Winter Parker runs fast and far to escape ancient threats of revenge, and small town torments.

Can equally tough Special Agent Mike Hunter convince Winter to put aside her fears and take a chance on him and their small town?

Will ancestral memories help them overcome a time-traveling enemy whose sole purpose in life is to seek out the Heartmark women and destroy their chance to find– and hold onto– true love?

Book #3 – Pioneer Instinct

Eliza O’Malley and brother Allen travel from Ireland to join their father and brothers on an 1880s Wyoming homestead. Allen is almost destroyed during the voyage, but Eliza’s benefactors rescue them both from their father’s foolish carelessness and mounting debt.

When she has worked off her passage and built her own wealth, Eliza completes the journey, knowing that she has been called to fulfill her destiny as a Heartmark woman. She is immediately swept off her feet by the neighboring rancher Frank McGee. His sister Jude, her friend and business partner, harbors a secret that will nearly destroy the love between Eliza and Frank.

Clues from an ancient diary, the fierce intervention of animal helpers, and ancient artifacts play a part in the life of all Heartmark women, including Eliza. Will they be enough to overcome the horrible rumors spread by Jude and restore Frank’s love for her?

Book #4 – Protective Instinct

Sabrina Bridges clings to her birthright as a Heartmark woman, convinced she will overcome the time-traveling enemy that plagues the women of her family. She is certain she will obtain true love with the man she gives her heart to. But how will her trusting heart survive when she learns that very man has deceived her since the moment they met?

Nicolas Mitchell’s loyalty to family and country are tested by the woman who may lead him to one who threatens all he holds dear. Nick must steel his heart against her, and deny his protective instinct for the woman who speaks of an ancient family legend and her belief that together he and she will forge a love that will last forever. Will Nick be able to complete his last mission as a spy for the Crown or will he betray his country for the sake of love?

Three more books in the Time After Time Saga will be released in the future: Maternal Instinct (April 2015) and Primal Instinct (December 2015).

You can purchase all of Lynette’s books here:


Barnes and Noble


Desert Breeze Publishing

To celebrate the release of PROTECTIVE INSTINCT, Lynette and Tami will be giving away a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card to one grand prize winner, a $10.00 Gift Card to either Starbucks or Teavana to the second runner up and an ecopy of PROTECTIVE INSTINCT to the third runner up. Enter the giveaway every day for more chances to win. All entries must be received by August 18th before midnight.

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