Media Monday: The Elliotts

The Elliotts isn’t, strictly speaking, media, but it is definitely entertainment!

The Elliots FlyerThe Elliotts is a production of Little Candle Productions, based in Southern California, and currently on stage at the Fremont Centre Theatre. Unfortunately, it’s almost completed its run, so you have to hurry to catch one of its final performances.

The play is by A.J. Darby and takes Jane Austen’s Persuasion as its source material. Persuasion is one of my favorites of Austen’s stories (although I haven’t read it, I loved the BBC movie).

Anne Elliott was persuaded by her family eight and a half years ago to decline a proposal of marriage from Captain Wentworth, a naval man. He was poor although he had good prospects. Anne’s father and older sister convinced her to deny her heart and so she did.

Captain Wentworth returns to Anne’s life when her family home is rented out to the captain’s sister’s family. He did well in the Napoleonic wars and now has money and regard. And he’s quite sought after by the single young ladies. Anne watches him being stalked flirted with courted receive their attentions with a combination of resignation, active jealousy, and fear.

Various circumstances arise and are resolved before Anne summons her inner resolve and follows her heart.

The cast is perfect. In particular, the three Elliott sisters are amazing. Kelly Lohman as Anne looks like the quintessential Austen heroine. There’s real chemistry between Lohman and Travis Goodman’s Captain Wentworth. Even their pauses are fraught with emotion. Emily Greco as Elizabeth can convey more with a scowl or raised brows and pursed lips than many other actors I’ve seen. Kalen Harriman hit the right comedic notes as the high-strung and self-centered Mary Elliott.

Click here for more information on Little Candle Productions and ticket availability for this weekend.

And hurry to South Pasadena to catch it!