Woe! It’s Wednesday: Minor Irritants

Life in the 21st century is a marvel of technological achievement.

iphoneIf only they all worked as they’re supposed to. It took me an hour to get four photos from my phone to my laptop.

Same with people. If only everyone agreed to me, life would be much simpler. For me, anyway.

Tech hates Stud Muffin. He cannot do anything online without a tutorial or other help from me. But often, as soon as I walk into the office, the site he couldn’t find will miraculously appear. Or he’ll click on something three times and not get the result he wants. I click the same thing and up pops exactly what he was looking for. It’s a curse. For both of us.

Traffic is irritating, too. People pull in front of me as if I’m invisible.

E-mail taunts me. If I check e-mail on my phone for a couple of days, when I download it all to the computer, I can easily have a couple hundred emails. And the majority of them are not spam. Facebook and Twitter and Instagram demand to be checked, in case I’ve missed something important.

Some days it feels like all I do is chase my technological tail. It makes vacations doubly precious. Time to get away from the routine and technology. And recharge and rest.

And let go of some minor irritants.