Book Talk Tuesday: On My Nightstand


I finished UNBROKEN and loved it, of course. It’s on the keeper shelf now.

The next book I’m still in the middle of is Ballroom! Obsession and Passion in the World of Competitive Dance ballroomby Sharon Savoy. I checked it out of the library as research for the next book I’m working on. Somehow, in the midst of the holidays and life, I didn’t get to it and I forgot to renew it. So I have to read it in the next day or two and go pay my fine. I’ve started it and it’s full of little insider tips that I will put to good use.

Then it’s on to my Christmas books. svSMALL VICTORIES, the newest by Anne Lamott. I love her. I’m sure this will show up here with a review very soon.

Jan Karon returned to Mitford with jkSOMEWHERE SAFE WITH SOMEBODY GOOD. I’m eager to see what’s new with Father Timothy and Cynthia and Dooley and Lace. Especially since so many of the memorable residents of Mitford have passed on.  

On my Kindle: I read portions of at least three books on my reader every day. Two devotionals: BREAKING FREE DAY BY DAY by Beth Moore and MY UTMOST FOR HIS HIGHEST, the classic by Oswald Chambers. And of course, my daily chronological Bible readings. Then I always have another book there I’m working on. On my Kindle right now is MOCHA SUNRISE by my friend Julie Carobini. This one is part of her Chocolate Series, after CHOCOLATE BEACH and TRUFFLES BY THE SEA.

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As usual, my TRB pile is a whole bookcase and it’s threatening to teeter over. The next few weeks will be work and reading. My favorites!

Book Talk Tuesday: The Divorce Papers

I have a problem. And I’ve given up hope of recovery. Instead, I’ve embraced it. It’s part of who I am.

At the national Romance Writers of America conference in San Antonio, I received easily two dozen free books and I also purchased a couple. I already have over 100 books in my To Be Read stack (Mt. TBR).

While on the road, I read a couple of reviews of a book, The Divorce Papers. It sounded like something I’d enjoy.

Did I make a note of that book for future reference and open up one of my new books?


dpI requested The Divorce Papers from the library.

It was great!

I really enjoyed this one. It’s literate and entertaining and really well written.

The Divorce Papers is an epistolary novel. Mia and Daniel Durkheim’s divorce story is told through memo’s, e-mails, legal filings, informal notes, and various other written forms.

Mia’s attorney is Sophie Diehl, a young associate at an old firm in the fictional town and fictional state of New Salem, Narragansett. Sophie is a criminal defense lawyer who gets roped into taking on the divorce. As Sophie learns the ins and outs of civil and matrimonial law, her client Mia also learns who she is and what she really wants and expects from life. The short answer is her daughter Jane. Both Sophie and Mia are fully realized characters who step off the pages of their notes and letters and take on new lives in my head.

The Divorce Papers is an excellent book and I’m glad I skipped over Mt. TBR and put it on top.

Highly recommended.