Book Talk Tuesday: Once Upon a Prince

I’m finally on the Rachel Hauck bandwagon.

Other writers and readers and friends have been raving about her for years. I was more in the “The books are good, not great, camp.”

But the caliber of writers who recommended Hauck’s newest book, Once Upon a Prince convinced me to give her another try. Once Upon a Prince - Rachel Hauck - Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Finally, a book I can enthusiastically and whole-heartedly recommend.

It’s delightful.

Susanna’s longtime boyfriend breaks up with her when she’s expecting a proposal. This sends her into a tailspin and she disrupts the rest of her life when she quits her job. Then her landlord asks her to move out.

The one bright spot is when she meets a nice guy, Nate Kenneth, who’s visiting her Georgia island.

What she doesn’t know is that Nate is actually Crown Prince Nathaniel from Brighton, a small European monarchy. He has familial and national responsibilities that he can’t ignore. And he’s legally forbidden to marry a foreigner.

Both Susanna and Nate have to learn some lessons and solve some problems to get to their “happily ever after.”

The story is charming and fun. Susanna and Nate struggle with real issues. There’s little of the glib dialogue that I objected to in previous Hauck novels. This one’s a winner!