Woe! It’s Wednesday: Encouragement or Badgering?

In our instant digital culture, it’s difficult sometimes to learn where to draw the lines for Tweeting, texting, Facebooking, pinterest pinning, and Instagramming.

What one person thinks of as a newsy tidbit may be “oversharing” to Dave someone else.

What one person thinks of as an exhortation may be considered whining to me someone else.

Several of my friends have been victimized in the past by their church or family or gossip or innuendo or employers or neighbors.


So have I. Not from all of the above, but certainly a few of them.

At the time, I was consumed with my pain, with my side of conflict, with my rights, with my reputation.

Eventually, I had to let it go. Rehashing it only prolonged the healing because I kept ripping off the scab and not letting the wound heal.

I want to say that to a few people but how?

But everything I think of to say, no matter how well-intentioned, can be boiled down to its essence: their pain is boring me.

So, I keep my mouth shut, read the post/look at the picture/ignore the link/delete the tweet, and smile and say a prayer that they are able to let go of a little bit of their pain today.