Woe! It’s Wednesday … Gut Check-up

This is a repost of a blog I wrote last week for the Yosemite Romance Writers Blog. How do you measure up? I’d love it if you’d comment!

School’s been back in session over a month for most teachers and students by now. Yesterday, during a family party, my third grade grand-daughter asked her aunt to quiz her on math facts. I think she likes school! I was pleasantly surprised how quickly she answered most of the questions, even the ones I thought were too hard for her.

A couple of weeks ago I had to give Stud Muffin a remedial course in the hallway linen closet.

Me (while doing my Vanna White impersonation): See the labels on these shelves? Guest. And Cleaning. All the towels and rags on the cleaning shelf are free for you to use to wash the car, bathe the dog, or anything else you want. All the towels on the guest shelf are not to be used for cleaning. They are for use in the guest bathroom. Only.

Stud Muffin: How long have those labels been there?


Anyway, that experience combined with Evelyn’s request for a quick check up made me think about other things in life that need occasional review and maybe remediation.

Like my writing goals. So, I’ve done a quick gut check and given myself the following grades.

Business building: B. I have several steady editing clients and a great work-for-hire company that uses me. I’d like to have a few more income generating jobs, but overall, I’m happy.

Actual writing: C. Some days I get lots done, other days I don’t even sit at the computer. I try to average 1000 words a day on my WIP, though it’s actually closer to 400. But when I factor in other writing (such as blog posts!), I’m close to my goal. There’s lots of room for improvement though.

Submissions: D. I checked the spreadsheet that I use to track submissions. I’ve entered two contests this year (nothing except feedback for one, the other is still being judged) and one submission to Woman’s World magazine. Nothing to publishers, editors, or agents. So time to get off my cushy office chair and put something out there. I have 50 pages almost polished enough to send to the agent I’ve been courting.

Networking: B. I joined RWA and YRW. I belong to Sisters in Crime. I’ll be going to a long weekend workshop in November. I maintain a nominal Twitter presence and an active Facebook page. To improve, I plan to spend more time using Goodreads to a fuller potential.

Platform Building: B. I surf some industry blogs and try to chime in with non-annoying comments when appropriate.I blog myself at least twice a week, often more.

I’m sure there are other areas I should be evaluating, too.

What are some of your grades? And what areas do you evaluate?