Woe! It’s Wednesday: Mid-month Check-in

This is the month I’ve been anticipating and dreading since March. hair

Anticipating because of several birthday celebrations and a trip to San Antonio for the Romance Writers of America national conference. And the announcement of the Golden Heart® winners.

You may have heard, I’m a finalist in the Inspirational category?

Dreading because I tend to obsess over details and brood and double triple check all my lists. I get so wrapped up in what’s coming that I forget to enjoy what’s happening now.

But I’ve made it halfway through the month with my sanity still in place and my hair mostly on my head.

I was (mostly) fully present for the first birthday celebration. The next one is this coming weekend, and then we leave for San Antonio. I’ve got the house sitter and dog sitter lined up. My dress is almost done being altered. My business cards arrived, albeit they could be a bit more distinctive with my books’ blurbs on the back, but I’m not going to stress over what’s not.

I’m going to focus on what is.

If it kills me.

What stresses you out?

Woe! It’s Wednesday: Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

I’ve been very hit and miss with blog posts for a couple of months now. I hope to get back to our regularly scheduled postings starting this week.

stressI’ve mentioned that our family is in a season of stress and testing right now.

Some days I feel like the stress ball, being squeezed and compressed. Some days I feel like the squeezer, angry and taking it out on an innocent little blob of rubber.

The truth is probably somewhere in between.

My family is telling me I’m stressed.

My body is telling me I’m stressed.

My doctor is telling me I’m stressed. DSCN4579

I get it. I agree.

But where I’m at a loss is what to do about it. Just checking out isn’t an option.

A long trip would be nice but wouldn’t solve anything.

Well, it actually might. I’d come back relaxed, but the problems would still be here and nothing will have changed.  And I’d be poorer, both literally and emotionally for spending time in the land of denial.

So, we limp through the days and weeks, clinging to each other and God. Because when you I clear all the superfluous stuff, and just lean on God, He makes it possible to not just “get through” it, but to emerge with joy and peace and a confidence that surpasses all logic.

We’re  I’m not there yet.

But I have hope.