Book Talk Tuesday: Three Little Words

I’m back! After a very busy couple of weeks off, I’m back to blogging this week.

Three Little Words

Up first, Three Little Words, by Susan Mallery. I’ve recently reviewed Just One Kiss, and Two of a Kind.

Just like the two earlier books, I loved Three Little Words.

Since we left Fool’s Gold, California at the end of Two of a Kind, Isabel Beebe has decided she has to finally face Ford Hendrix, her adolescent crush. Ford left town when his fiancée, Isabel’s sister, broke off their engagement just before the wedding. He joined the military and never looked back. Isabel wrote Ford and confessed her undying love. She continued to write for years, until she became engaged herself. Now divorced, she’s back in Fool’s Gold to run her parents’ bridal store until they sell it and she returns to New York and to open her dream store with a partner.

Ford is back in Fool’s Gold with his new business partners. Besides running the business, he keeps busy dodging his mother’s matchmaking attempts. When Isabel arrives to clear the air between them, he forges a plan: Have a fake relationship with Isabel to get his mother off his back.

Since Isabel’s not planning to stay in town, she agrees to it. After all, her feelings are all in the past and were just a silly adolescent crush, right?


It doesn’t take long before it’s obvious to everyone around her that Isabel has never stopped loving Ford. It takes Ford a bit longer to see that he has loved Isabel nearly as long.

I loved this one as much as I did the first two.

In the previous books, I was a bit concerned because I could see several couples who needed a resolution. Mallery solved that by making Three Little Words about both single Hendrix men. As well as Isabel and Ford’s story, we get a nice subplot about Consuelo and Kent. The next couple will be in the Christmas story. There’s a hint of next summer’s romances as well. I can’t wait!

Just like the two earlier books, I have to add a caution. The sex is fairly graphic. Proceed with caution.


I received a free copy of Three Little Words in exchange for a fair review. It was a good trade since I loved the book!