Book Talk Tuesday: On My TBR

My To Be Read Mountain has grown again and is threatening to topple over. Both the real mountain and the virtual.

Here are a few of the books I’m looking forward to enjoying:


I’m a huge Malcolm Gladwell fan. Each of his books have been thought-provoking and OUTLIERS changed my life. I got this one, DAVID AND GOLIATH, for Christmas last year and I set it aside until I had time to savor it. That has not happened, so I’m going to gobble it up next. It’s about the myth of the underdog vs. the favorite.



I’m reading book one of Sara Richardson’s Heart of the Rockies series, NO BETTER MAN, and I’m looking forward to diving into book 2, SOMETHING LIKE LOVE. I’ve known Sara for years and I’m so excited for her! She was a RITA nominee this year for Debut Novel for NO BETTER MAN. She signed a copy of SOMETHING LIKE LOVE for me at the RWA conference in July. I’ll be reviewing NO BETTER MAN here in the next few weeks, then I’ll be perfectly primed for book 2.


Shauna Niequist. COLD TANGERINES. BREAD AND WINE. Her newest is PRESENT OVER PERFECT. I’ve heard and read so many great things about this book that I can’t even. 😉 I ordered it Thursday, and it arrived Sunday. I cracked it open. I smelled the promise of challenge and change and renewal. I. can’t. wait. to read this book.

THE THREE WEISSMANNS OF WESTPORT by Cathleen 3wwSchine. A friend texted me on a Monday morning a few weeks ago to say she had read this book over the weekend. She … I can’t say she loved it or even enjoyed it, although she did both of those. It caught her by surprise, how well the author captured the emotions of a suddenly single woman. My friend related to it on many different levels. I put a copy in my cart when I saw it, and I’m eager to read it.

And finally, Kristin Hannah’s SSIUMMER ISLAND. I’ve seen Kristin Hannah’s books on racks and best seller lists for years, and she was always a writer I figured I’d enjoy, but I always had so many other books on my Mt. TBR, that I never added her to the list. This one was on sale for the Kindle recently, and the premise caught my attention, so I grabbed it. I have a feeling I’m going to love it. A very strong feeling.


Tell me, what books are you looking forward to this fall? As much as I whine about too many books, so little time, I’m always on the watch for the extraordinary!