Spotlight Thursday: Pintip Dunn and Forget Tomorrow

I’m thrilled to host my friend, Pintip Dunn’s, cover reveal for her upcoming Young Adult novel.

Welcome, Pintip! And thanks for stopping by everyone!

Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn
Forget Tomorrow by Pintip Dunn

About the book:

Forget Tomorrow

by Pintip Dunn

Release Date: 11/03/15

Entangled Teen

Summary from Goodreads:

Imagine a world where your destiny has already been decided…by your future self.

It’s Callie’s seventeenth birthday and, like everyone else, she’s eagerly awaiting her vision―a memory sent back in time to sculpt each citizen into the person they’re meant to be. A world-class swimmer. A renowned scientist.

Or in Callie’s case, a criminal.

In her vision, she sees herself murdering her gifted younger sister. Before she can process what it means, Callie is arrested and placed in Limbo―a prison for those destined to break the law. With the help of her childhood crush, Logan, a boy she hasn’t spoken to in five years, she escapes the hellish prison.

But on the run from her future, as well as the government, Callie sets in motion a chain of events that she hopes will change her fate. If not, she must figure out how to protect her sister from the biggest threat of all—Callie, herself.

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About Pintip
When my first-grade teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I replied, “An author.” Although I have pursued other interests over the years, this dream has never wavered.

I graduated from Harvard University, magna cum laude, with an A.B. in English Literature and Language. I received my J.D. at Yale Law School, where I was an editor of the YALE LAW JOURNAL. I published an article in the YALE LAW JOURNAL, entitled, “How Judges Overrule: Speech Act Theory and the Doctrine of Stare Decisis,” and received the Barry S. Kaplan Prize for best paper in Law and Literature.

I am represented by literary agent Beth Miller of Writers House. I’m a 2012 Golden Heart® finalist and a 2014 double-finalist. I’m a member of Romance Writers of AmericaWashington Romance WritersYARWA, and The Golden Network.

I live with my husband and children in Maryland.

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Woe! It’s Wednesday: Back from Hiatus

Yes, I took a brief break from blogging. We had a lot going on.

A trip. A wedding. A reception. A move. A nasty stomach virus. Now, a baby!

Yep, grandbaby number three is on the way and expected to arrive a few days before Christmas. We’re so excited we can’t hardly stand it! We’re looking forward to adding to the glut of adorable pictures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But I’m back officially as of this week.

Cutest Baby Ever
Cutest Baby Ever

Book Talk Tuesday: Flash

I’m in love with a donkey. I find myself quoting him to others. I’m savoring his book.

FLASH: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, and Second Chances by Rachel Anne Ridge is a fabulous book.

Flash the Donkey
Flash the Donkey

Rachel and her family were struggling to make ends meet in a crashing economy when a stray donkey showed up in their driveway. He soon wormed his way into their hearts and lives and barn.

The book is a collection of short essays about Flash’s life with the Ridge family. Rachel is a gifted artist who also writes lovely prose. (I’m so jealous. I can write but I’m not an artist, at all.) She tells a story about Flash and one of his adventures then makes an application to her own life, and to mine as well.

I’ve been “friends” with Flash on social media for awhile and had made a mental note to buy the book when it came out, but it arrived all by itself on release day, a lovely gift from an even lovelier friend.

I love Flash’s adventures. So does Stud Muffin. My back was turned one day for an instant and he snagged the book and took it outside to read. He read all day. I finally got it back and I’d intended to read all day so I could be finished with it if it “disappeared” again. But I found that I really enjoy reading this one slowly. A chapter or two a day is a good pace. I let Flash’s adventures and lessons settle a bit more deeply in my heart than if I was reading to get to the end.

This is a great book and I highly recommend it. You can follow Flash on Twitter here.

Media Monday: Like Dandelion Dust

I think I’ve been fairly frank that a faith-based movie has to earn my respect.

I require (in no particular order):

  • Good acting
  • Good production values
  • A good story
  • Be biblically sound
  • Not be “preachy”

Like Dandelion Dust, based on a novel by Karen Kingsbury, arguably the reigning queen of contemporary Christian women’s

Like Dandelion Dust
Like Dandelion Dust

fiction, met all my criteria, I’m pleased to say.

It has real actors who I’ve seen in other shows and movies. Barry Pepper was in Saving Private Ryan. Mira Sorvino has an Oscar. Kate Levering from Drop Dead Diva. Cole Hauser has been in ER and Good Will Hunting and one of the Die Hard movies. All fine

The sets don’t look like sets and they don’t look like rental houses that they moved into just for filming. Well, one house sort of does, but it’s supposed to be a pretentious showplace, so I gave it a pass.

The story is compelling. A battered woman gives up her son for adoption while her husband is in prison. When he’s released, she tells him about the baby and they begin proceedings to get the young boy back from his adoptive family.

Can an alcoholic with anger management issues keep it together long enough to convince his wife and the social workers that he’s ready to be a father?

The movie is not at all preachy. The faith elements are incidental to the story, and woven in just fine. Just the way I like it.

The story is somewhat predictable and played out the way I expected but the story and actors held my interest.

This one has been on my Neflix queue for some time. I’m glad it made its way to me.