Monday Musing: Time as a Commodity

Since I’ve been working more hours, I have less time. A fact that seems to correlate perfectly.

But do I really have less time? I still have 24 hours in my day, same as always and same as everyone else.

Not my work. It’s labeled as licensed for noncommercial reuse, so I grabbed it to show as an example.

When I worked outside the home, I had time for reading and crafting. I loved to make handmade cards. I sewed. I quilted. I knitted. I read 80-100 books a year.

So what has really changed?

Well, it seems, a lot.

Social media.

Phones that double as communication and entertainment devices.

More sources of entertainment.

Now, instead of picking up the book I’m reading, when I sit in the recliner after dinner, I’m more likely to pull out my phone. I may play a game, check email, or look at Facebook or Instagram.

I still have the same number of hours in my day, but I’m feeling less productive than ever.

I’ve struggled to read even 80 books the last two years. Last year, I slipped in with 78 on December 31st.

In my ongoing quest to find more time, I deleted most games off my phone. I finished a year-long+ puzzle kind of game and deleted it. I took off several apps, including Facebook.

In an effort to become more social, I took some bridge lessons. Which by the way, can become a whole new obsession passion. I now own (and read) BRIDGE FOR DUMMIES and I actually know what Two No Trump means.

I managed to fit in the bridge lessons for one simple reason: I put them in my schedule and when the time arrived, I was in place and ready.

I have three quilt tops that are all pieced and are waiting for the backing and quilting. I have a quarter of a shawl knitted. I still have paper and (some) stamping/card making supplies, although I cleaned out a bunch of stamps in the past couple of years. Because I didn’t have “time,” anymore.¬†fb

What a crock I fed myself.

And I know I’ve done it to myself. I can blame social media, Netflix, DirecTV, or Words With Friends.

But I need to turn off the device, open the book, or  pull out the crafting supplies. I know this in my head, but the recliner, TV remote and iPad are powerful magnets.