Book Talk Tuesday: The Shababa Manifesto

I’m currently on a new book fast. I have over 100 books on my physical To Be Read shelves and a few more than that in my Kindle’s To Be Read file.

I’ve forced myself to stop looking at the daily deals and freebies until I whittle these two down.

ShababaBut something caught my attention and I downloaded The Shababa Manifesto: A Handbook for Skill-Challenged Golfers by Hubba Costello.

It’s a quick read and very fun but full of good advice as well.

Mr. Costello posits that most of who golf are “Shababa’s.” That is … we stink at golf. I know I resemble that description. But we Shababas love the game.

The book’s chapters are numbered and labeled from warming up, to the first hole through the 19th hole.

Mr. Costello includes advice for all golfers who stink. His first assessment may seem discouraging (you stink at golf) but it actually ended up being quite encouraging (so do the vast majority of golfers. All the playing in the world, all the coaching, all the practice will only succeed in making us stink a bit less.

I took up golfing … about ten years ago, give or take. I stink just as much today as I did the day I started. But if anything, I love the game even more. I’ve had lessons. I’ve played many hours. My putting improved marginally after a coaching session. I relate to all the chapters in Mr. Costello’s manifesto.

He reminds us that golf is first of all–a game. Even during your worst round ever, you’ve enjoyed some beautiful scenery, gotten a bit of exercise, spent time with friends (or made new ones), and maybe even made a good shot or two.

The best insight Mr. Costello shared, in my opinion, is that the Shababa must keep in mind that it’s not the distance you can hit that wins rounds, it’s the fewest strokes. I know I’m guilty of trying to blast the ball over the water hazard. Instead, I see the wisdom now of hitting just in front of the water, then it’s an easy shot over. Of course, I always seem to buy balls with H2O magnets embedded, so that may not work for me. But I’m willing to give it a shot on my next round. That presupposes our California drought hasn’t dried up all the water hazards. Hey … maybe this is the time I should be out there! Less water to attract my balls.

In fact, I think I’ll go put some of Mr. Costello’s advice to work for me.

See you on the links.


i received a free copy of The Shababa Manifesto in return for an honest review.