Woe! It’s Wednesday: Vacations

We just spent five days in our favorite vacation destination: Yosemite.

I remember visiting the park as a child, camping in the Valley, and hiking the trails. I rode my first horse in Yosemite. I remember the legendary firefall from Glacier Point.


In 1989 we were invited to a cabin owned by dear friends and we’ve been blessed to return two or three times a year ever since. Our girls grew up looking forward to our next visit to “the cabin.” They’ve now hiked the trails. They’ve seen the effects of drought on the falls and the consequences of flooding in the Valley.

It’s now a family tradition: looking forward to our next cabin trip. One grand-daughter has now ridden her first horse around the park’s perimeter. The other loves playing in the dirt, splashing in the river, and hunting for feathers and bones (she found a deer leg on this trip!).

We have several must-dos on each visit:

  • We must visit the river. 
    Merced river
  • We must take a nap on the deck overlooking the river.

  • We must walk to the store and have an ice-cream and perhaps visit the Pioneer Village, walk over the covered bridge and visit the jail and watch the horses pull the stage coach. HorsePioneer Village

We love Hawaii. We love traveling to new places. But Yosemite is where we return every year. Like swallows who can’t imagine a better place to nest than San Juan Capistrano.

We get to go back in August and we can’t wait! Where is your favorite summer destination?

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