Food Talk Friday: Oysters Rockefeller

Stud Muffin is very adventurous in his culinary journeys. He has few lines he won’t cross and is willing to give most anything a taste. He enjoys lingua tacos (tongue) and tripas (pork intestines).

I am not so adventurous. I like my tacos with chicken or carne asada. And intestines will never be on my plate. Just sayin’.

Oysters RockefellerWe’d tried oysters a couple of times and were both underwhelmed. They seemed slimy and not much taste for a lot of work.

So we were both a bit unsure when Stud Muffin was assigned Oysters Rockefeller for his appetizer offering for his recent Men’s Cooking Club dinner. But he trusted his brother’s recipe and dove in.

The ingredients were good:

  • Butter
  • Spinach
  • Cream cheese
  • Crumbs

So I took a tentative bite.

And was completely surprised. The oyster wasn’t slimy. It was tender and delicious. The topping of cheese and spinach and butter complemented the oyster but didn’t overpower it. The oyster still added its own flavor. The crumbs gave it a nice crunch, but not so much that it overpowered the oyster, which is supposed to be the star of the dish.

I learned a lesson: I can take some culinary tasting risks and just may find a new dish to enjoy.

Do you have a dish that you thought you didn’t like? Until you tried it again?

3 thoughts on “Food Talk Friday: Oysters Rockefeller

  1. I have had exactly one oyster in my life. It was an oyster on the half shell on South Padre Beach in 1975 and I am certain that sucker was still wiggling as I choked it down. Oysters fall in the category of tongue, intestine, and, of course, mushrooms. “No, thanks.”

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