I love romantic comedy. I love Scotland. So A Highlander Walks Into A Bar had me at its name. And it did not disappoint.

HighlanderIsabel Buchanan is surprised at the souvenir her mother, Rose, brings home from Scotland: a tall, estate manager with a brogue. Except he’s not really the estate manager, he’s the ninth earl of Cairndow, hiding his true name and identity. Soon, his nephew, slated to become the tenth earl, though hopefully not for a long time, follows him to Highland, Georgia.

Alasdair Blackmoor is concerned about the American woman who convinced his uncle to leave Scotland and Cairndow, so he detours from his business in New York to find out what’s what. Instead of the scheming fortune-hunter ensnaring his uncle whom he expected, he meets Izzy.

Their attraction is immediate. The sparks fly off the page. Their banter is witty and fun.

Alasdair unwittingly sets in motion a complication that he knows and the reader knows will end badly for all. I loved how Trentham resolved that.

A Highlander Walks Into a Bar is a fun and perfect summer rom com and I highly recommend it!

This book will be available July 30, but I suggest you pre-order it now so you can read it ASAP!

–For my friends and readers who prefer their reads to be sweet like their desserts, there is one sex scene.

I received a free advance copy of this book through NetGalley.




Book Talk Tuesday: IT’S IN HIS HEART

IT’S IN HIS HEART is a fun and funny and sweet and sexy debut from Shelly Alexander.

I scored a free early copy as part of Amazon’s Kindle First program and I’m so glad.

It's In His Heart by Shelly Alexander
It’s In His Heart by Shelly Alexander

Ella Dennings has decided to spend the summer in Red River Valley, New Mexico. It was her late husband’s cabin and she wants to spend some time there before she moves on with the phase of her life. She never expected to run into Cooper Wells there, her husband’s best friend and the cabin’s co-owner.

Coop’s got his own reasons for spending the summer in Red River Valley. He left behind some legal troubles and a scandal and he just wants to lie low until he can reclaim his life. He never expected Ella to show up, drenched, with a dog and a laptop in tow and he certainly never expected to find her so sweet and beautiful. They didn’t used to get along. When did she change? Or did he change?

As if a dead husband/best friend wasn’t enough to come between them, Ella is also harboring a secret: she’s the secret author of the erotic books that have all the women in town tugging their men into the bedroom.

I enjoyed this one a lot! Shelly Alexander has a flair for relatable and real characters. If you enjoy a fun romance with a heart, this one is for you.

Disclaimer: as well as the free copy, I also am acquainted with Shelly through Romance Writers of America® but this is an honest review. It’s worth grabbing! Oh, and the sex is pretty graphic, definitely pushing my personal preferences, but I could skip those parts easily enough. But since a lot of my readers prefer sweet romance, I like to give a heads-up.

Book Talk Tuesday: Thrill Me

I can’t believe summer is half over, but it must be. I got my third Fool’s Gold book last week. That’s the signal that summer and 100+ degree days are on the way out. I’m happy to see the end of summer heat but not so happy to see the end of Fool’s Gold until Christmas time.

THRILL ME by Susan Mallery
THRILL ME by Susan Mallery

THRILL ME is Maya’s story. We met Maya in last month’s offering, KISS ME. Maya returned to Fool’s Gold with her friend Phoebe who fell in love with Maya’s stepbrother Zane in KISS ME. Now Maya’s been offered a job in Fool’s Gold, the only town that’s ever felt like home. She’s tired of life in LA and ready to come home. She never expected Del would be coming home too.

Del Mitchell and Maya were in love when they were just out of high school. In love and engaged. Until Maya panicked, dumped Del, and left town for college. Del packed up and left too. He’s back in town for his dad’s upcoming birthday party and to decide his next project. He doesn’t expect to strike up a friendship with Maya again, not after she broke up with him.

I loved this one! (No shock, I know.)

Maya and Del are older, smarter, and more experienced now. They’re both surprised that those youthful feelings of love can be so easily rekindled. But Maya just got back to town and Del will leaving at the end of summer. She’d love to travel to some of the places he’s planning to see, but it doesn’t make sense to leave a good job and the only home she’s ever felt she belonged in. Del wants to ask Maya to come with him. They make a great team behind the camera. He’s got a vision for a video project and Maya would be a perfect partner. Except can he trust her? She ran off once, she could do it again.

As usual, I really enjoyed this one and recommend it. The sex is still pushing my boundaries, but it’s later in the book and more subdued than earlier Fool’s Gold installments, which I like.

Go. Buy. Escape. Enjoy. Trust me.


√ I received a free copy of THRILL ME in return for an honest review.

Media Monday: Jane Eyre

What’s your favorite classic?

Jane Eyre is a beloved classic. The poor governess Jane. The tormented Mr. Rochester. Thornfield. All well known to lovers of romance, the classics, and the gothic novel. Jane Eyre was the first classic literature I ever read. Although, given a choice now, I prefer Austen to Brontë, I still have a soft spot for Jane.

janeA few months ago I taped an airing of a Jane Eyre movie. I thought it was the fairly recent 2011 version, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t even the older 2006 mini-series. Nope, it was the 1996 edition with William Hurt and Charlotte Gainsbourg. I knew something was odd when I saw Joan Plowright listed in the credits. She hasn’t appeared in anything in about six years.

It’s a somewhat abbreviated retelling of Jane’s story, but enjoyable enough for a Sunday afternoon of ironing. I’m going to keep my eyes open for  the 2011 version, just so I have a point of comparison. I don’t think I’ve seen a film version of Jane Eyre before.

I’ll skip the 2006 mini-series. I’m just not a Ruth Wilson fan. I’m sure she’s a lovely person and a talented actress, but … 17220938019_d0ee7cece3_bI can’t get past her unusually shaped upper lip. It’s so long and thin, it distracts me. I’m one of the few people who quite enjoyed The Lone Ranger, but it was in spite of Ruth Wilson, not thanks to her. And in Saving Mr. Banks, I can’t even tell you what her part was or how it played in the story (Ms. Travers’s mother?       maybe …) because in all of her scenes, I couldn’t take my eyes off her lip.

In 2012, I reviewed The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesay, a retelling/update/homage to Jane Eyre. I was surprised by how many details in the novel were echoes of the original and also found in the movie.

Now, I’m off to find the 2011 version. Do you have a favorite classic?